Cent or Nano Account.

For a new trader who are less experienced and who wants to try their strategies.for them,cent account is very useful and it is a good opportunity to be a professional from this account,with less risk of money.
            i heartly recommend for new traders to start with cent account unless you know this is very risky and reports shows that at starting 95% forex traders loss their it is good to loss only in cents and make your self as a invest for your profitable forex trading.
            D not jump into real money trading.first try on demo and after open a cent account.
 what is cent account?cent account is also known as nano account.
         On cent account a trader can trade 0.01=100 where the value of one pip is just only one cent.
Cent account provides by few brokers only.The brokeres whom i know are below
3. forex)

                 Please give your comments on cent/nano accounts and if you know the brokers who are providing cent accounts.please let us know.your information will be very useful for traders and please share your trading knowledge with us.

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